50 Unique Things to do in Dorset

50 Unique Things to do in Dorset! Still time for a cheeky summer break in my gorgeous county this month 😄

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

It's been a bit of a lovely week 😄✈☀️🍦🥂❤️

Spent some time at home in Weymouth for Weymouth Carnival with the family and it's been gorgeous! Thanks British summer ☀ What have you been up to this week?

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A Shy Girl's Guide to Solo Travel

Planning a solo trip, but feeling a bit shy about it? This post is for you!! I'd love to know your thoughts, especially if you have tips of your own 😊 #oldpost

A Year On My Own: How Travel Got Me Over a Breakup

If you went travelling after a big break up - I'd LOVE to hear your story.

I spent almost the whole of last year travelling and it was the perfect cure for me. In particular - solo travel, trying new things, and challenging myself. This was my story 😊 I'd love to hear your thoughts! #oldpost

Wahoo! I was nominated for best Adventure / Outdoor blog in the The Activity People: Activities, Sports, Book Online Blogger Awards. If you love my blog, please give me a vote - it only takes a second!

Vote here: http://bit.ly/2viRtPM

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Which do you prefer - beaches or mountains?

Instagram Is Ruining my Life

Have you read my Instagram post? Sometimes it's good to vent...

Top Things to do in Brand During Summer

NEW: Top Things to do in Brand During Summer

My third and final post showcasing the very best of Urlaubsland Vorarlberg during summer. This alpine region may be known for it's snowy ski towns, but in summer the hills tell a very different story! Come discover all the amazing things to do in Brand this season...

#UncoverAustria with Visit Austria this summer! #spon

National Geographic Travel

I'm a little bit obsessed by this video!! So amazing 😍 Who wants to do this with me?!

What Things Cost in India - Hampi Guide

NEW: What Things Cost in Hampi

A complete guide to exploring #Hampi, India as a backpacker. With price guides, where to stay, what to do - and loads of tips based on my own travel experiences. Everything you need to know about Hampi! #IncredibleIndia

WellOlive - Blogger Experience Spain

Check me out starring in this fab video all about the Destination Makers #WellOlive Bloggers Experience in Spain! I'd love to know what you think :)


Eat Like a Local in Murcia - A Food Guide

NEW: What to Eat in Murcia

The second of my #SpainCities posts focuses on my favourite thing about Spain - the food!

Murcia has so many unique dishes and local specialities to discover. This is a round up of all my favourites. Including a very large section on desserts 😋 Who else has a massive sweet tooth?!

With Destino Región de Murcia and Spain.info

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July Travel Round Up

NEW: July Travel Round Up

Find out where I went and what I got up to last month - and how I feel about turning THIRTY!! Yep, last month was my birthday, the big one, and now you're looking at a bonafide, official, no-more-video-games-and-sweets* GROWN UP!

Click the link and read my post to find out more about July. And let me know what you think I should do next 😉

*as if!!!

Looking for my next read - what's your favourite travel book?

Summer in the Alps - Top Things to do in Lech This Summer

NEW: Top Things to do in Lech This Summer

Lech Zürs am Arlberg might be best known as one of Austria's most popular ski resorts. But this gorgeous alpine town is a beauty all year round. I headed there earlier this month and found so much to do! Here's a round-up of my summertime Lech highlights...

#UncoverAustria #spon With Visit Austria and Urlaubsland Vorarlberg.

Lünersee, Austria

Welcome to Lünersee - one of my favourite #UncoverAustria discoveries!

I made a little video of this gorgeous lake near Brandnertal in Austria's alpine Vorarlberg region. 1910m above sea level, crazy-blue, and absolutely one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen! Hope you like it!!

If you fancy seeing it for yourself, check out my Vorarlberg Summer Guide for more information.

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Photos du journal

It's my BIRTHDAY! In celebration, here are a bunch of photos of ME 🤣

A few highlights of my year so far! Cant help thinking about my next adventure today - where do you guys think I should head next?

Photos du journal

Self timer jump shot... NAILED IT!!

Little throwback to my favourite new travel discovery, Lünersee 💙 #UncoverAustria

Six Things to do in New Zealand

NEW: Six Things to do in New Zealand

Got a lovely guest post from Volle on Tour - all about one of my all-time dream destinations. Here's hoping I can get myself to NZ sometime soon to try some of these!

Vorarlberg Summer Mini Guide

NEW: Vorarlberg in Summer

Thought the alps were just for skiing? Think again! ⛰🌸 Here's my mini guide to exploring Vorarlberg this season.

Gorgeous nature, great food (so much cheese 🧀), and loads of ways to get active - plus THAT lake (you know, the one I'm newly smitten with?!). Definitely add Austria's alpine Vorarlberg region to your summer wish-list!

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Offbeat Guide to Cambodia and Laos

NEW - Offbeat Cambodia and Laos

InsideAsia Tours asked me to put together a few highlights of things I'd love to see in these two countries. I'm considering heading to both this year so it seemed like good timing! Have you been? Send tips! #spon

Instagram Is Ruining my Life

Time to get something off my chest... I think Instagram might be ruining my life a little bit.

Airing a few thoughts and frustrations on it all to make myself feel better. Am I the only one feeling downright miserable about Instagram lately?

Olive Oil Tourism Catalonia - A New Way to Discover the Region

NEW: Olive Oil Tourism in Catalonia

This is a whole new way to discover the gastronomy of Catalonia. Destination Makers and Catalunya Experience are putting together a new experiential travel programme in the area. I've collected a few of the highlights!

Some amazing restaurants, hotels, and olive farms here. A great way to explore the region through it's food and traditions. With Olea Soul, turisme gastronòmic autèntic.

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Ok - this is a seriously cool way to introduce a new car! Loving all the aerial shots of my favourite European city, Barcelona, too. Nice work @seatuk :)

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Win a holiday for two to Vorarlberg

And that's a wrap for my time in Austria 🇦🇹😍

Vorarlberg has completely blown my mind this week! Thanks for following my adventures 😄

If you fancy winning a trip to discover this gorgeous region yourself, click below to enter Visit Austria's fab competition and you could be heading to Urlaubsland Vorarlberg soon!

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Uncover Austria Q&A 🇦🇹

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Summer in the alps can be kind of unpredictable! Today's hike started with misty pine forests straight out of a horror movie, and ended with brilliant sunshine and spectacular valley views as I took the cable car back down to Brand. But whatever the weather, Vorarlberg never ceases to amaze me!

Don't forget, at 8pm BST I'm going to be running a Live Q&A right here on my Facebook page. So tune in and ask me a question!

With Brandnertal and Visit Austria 🇦🇹

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Today... I fell a little bit in love 💙

This is the Lünersee in #Brandnertal. It's 1,970m above sea level, about 6km around, and absolutely, ridiculously beautiful. I've never seen such blue water in my life.

Definitely the highlight of my #uncoveraustria trip so far. I spent most of the morning hiking around the lake, stopping every ten steps or so to take photos, and feeling completely awed. Photos really don't do it justice, but I've tried!

#myvorarlberg #spon

- With VisitAustria and Brandnertal.

Photos du journal

Exciting news!!! 😊 On Thursday evening I'm going to attempt my first EVER Facebook Live, streaming from my hotel here in Vorarlberg, Austria 🇦🇹

It's gonna be a Q&A, so comment with your questions below OR tune in and ask them live.

If you want to hear me chat a bit about what I've been up to this week, or you have a burning question for me about Vorarlberg, about Austria, or just about anything you fancy, really... tune in on Thursday at 8pm UK time and ask away. See you there 😊


Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Another jam packed and absolutely gorgeous day in #Lech! First up, a lovely valley hike to learn all about the alpine herbs and flowers - part of the summer programme organised by Lech Zürs am Arlberg tourist board.

Then, I took the cable car up to Rüfikopf. At 2350m altitude, the views from up were pretty incredible. I don't really have the words for it!

Also found time to swing by the Museum Huber-Hus in town to learn about how life in the mountains used to be. It's been a really fun day with so many pretty photo ops 😍

Finally - I have an exciting announcement! On Thursday at 8pm (UK time) I'll be doing my first ever Facebook Live from Austria. Make sure you tune in to ask me all about my trip!

#uncoveraustria #spon. With VisitAustria and Urlaubsland Vorarlberg 🇦🇹

Photos du journal

So... ski resorts in summer are just all kinds of crazy pretty 😍 Lech Zürs am Arlberg in Urlaubsland Vorarlberg

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

In the mountains of Bregenzerwald there's a tiny town called Krumbach which has about 1000 inhabitants and 7 of the most creative bus stops I've ever seen 🇦🇹😍

They were designed by architects from all over the world and each one is totally unique!

Read more here: http://www.bregenzerwald.at/s/en/busstop-krumbach

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Whew! The first 24 hours or so in Urlaubsland Vorarlberg have been a complete whirlwind of crazy weather, stunning views, and great food. This is such a fun way to #UncoverAustria - check out my Insta Stories to see!

This morning started bright and early, cycling Lake Constance in Bregenz with Bodensee-Vorarlberg. Man that is one pretty lake!!

Next up, I took a bus to Bregenzerwald for some mountain hiking in Schonenbach. Obviously, the rain hit just as soon as I started to walk - but the scenery just looked all the more epic under those moody grey skies. And it cleared right up whilst I polished off a mammoth apple strudel! Right now I'm at the gorgeous Hotel Bären in Mellau with the mountains so close I could almost touch them from my balcony.

In short - it's been a VERY good day!

See it all on IG stories: https://www.instagram.com/em_luxton/

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Photos du journal

When you travel a lot, it can sometimes stop feeling as exciting. Especially the boring bits like airports. But they don't need to be boring, so today I decided to make the most of my time at Heathrow Airport and it's been lovely!

My slap up breakfast at The Perfectionists' Café, with a cheeky Bucks Fizz (why not eh?) certainly helped! I'm also pretty sure Heathrow put on all their very best staff today. Everything's gone smoothly, and everyone's been lovely! Makes a pretty nice change from the usual stress of travel. Big thanks to the staff at the Perfectionists Café this morning, especially my lovely waiter 😊

Currently on board my flight to Zurich with Swiss International Air Lines. Next stop, Vorarlberg in Austria. Stay tuuuuuned 🇦🇹😄

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Best Things to do in Murcia - 48 Hour City Guide

NEW: Murcia Travel Guide

Everything you need to know about what to see, do and eat in Murcia - "perfect city break for those who don't really like cities". Come discover a little slice of off-the-beaten-path perfection in Spain (with the tastiest pastries you'll ever see)...

#SpainCities #SpainCitiesMurcia #ad

Win a Travel Goody Bag from Ocean Florida!


In honour of the Fourth of July, Ocean Florida have given me a really fun travel goody bag to giveaway to a lucky reader. Entering couldn't be easier - so what are you waiting for?! Good luck 😁

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Twelve Awesome Things to do in Vietnam (And When to do Them)

NEW: Twelve Awesome Things to do in Vietnam

12 highlights of #Vietnam, one for every month of the year. A guide to the best things to do in one of my favourite countries, to help you plan when to visit! #spon

June Travel Round Up

NEW: June Travel Round Up

Everything I got up to last month! With eight flights, four countries, twenty trains, and eleven different beds - June was the busiest month of my year so far. Time to chill out again I think!

Fun Things to do in Edmonton

NEW: Fun Things to do in Edmonton

Most people who head to Edmonton seem to just be passing through on the way to Alberta's national parks. But there are loads of really fun reasons to add a few days in this city to your Alberta itinerary.

Come check out what I discovered there!

#ExploreEdmonton with Edmonton Tourism 😀 #ad


I cannot stop watching this video 😲 it's insane!

Discover Elk Island National Park in Edmonton

NEW: Discover Elk Island National Park in Edmonton

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Canada with Edmonton Tourism was our overnight stay in Elk Island National Park. It may not be as well known as Banff or Jasper, but there are plenty of reasons to add this park to your Alberta itinerary.

Check out my post to find out all about it and see why you should plan a visit to Elk Island National Park!

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Exploring the Pink Salt Flats of Margherita Di Savoia

NEW: Exploring the Pink Salt Flats in Puglia

A couple of weeks ago, Dannielle from While I'm Young headed to Puglia on my behalf with Destination Makers. Here's what she discovered there...

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

What's your favourite European country? Mine is easily Spain 😄🇪🇸💛😍

Had an amazing week last week exploring first Catalunya with Destination Makers, then Murcia with Spain.info and Destino Región de Murcia.

Gorgeous weather, way too much incredible food, and lots of beautiful views! Such a good trip. Back in the UK now and excited to work on the blog posts 😊

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Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

So full and sleepy after an amazing lunch at Asador La Alberca, in the village of La Alberca just outside of Murcia. My last meal in Spain 😢 (for now).

Spanish cuisine is honestly one of my top five favourites in the world, and one of the things I love most about it is how each region seems to have its own special desserts.

Here in Murcia, my number one discovery is tocino de cielo, that sticky orange coloured thing at the back there. The name means "bacon of heaven" and it's basically pure sugary goodness. Not sure what it has to do with bacon, but they definitely got the heaven part right 😂

Here with Spain.info and Destino Región de Murcia for the #SpainCities project.

#SpainCitiesMurcia #WeLoveMurcia #ad

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Just a casual nine hours at the spa today 😂

The Balneario de Archena is absolutely massive, I was there all day and I still don't feel like I made the most of it all. After some amazing treatments, natural thermal waters, and one hell of a lunch, I'm feeling pretty relaxed right now!

I'm in Murcia with Spain.info for the #SpainCities project this weekend. So much to discover here!

#SpainCitiesMurcia #WeLoveMurcia #spon

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

Day one in Murcia for the #SpainCities project. Ten bloggers in ten cities across the country - make sure you follow the hashtag to see us all.

I've been up the Murcia Cathedral tower to see the amazing views, explored the narrow streets, stuffed myself with pastries (thanks Confiteria Espinosa), visited a few museums, and popped into some of Murcia's best shops. Phew!

Just enjoying a well-earned rest in the aircon at NH Amistad Murcia before I head out again for tapas - YAY. Make sure you're following on my Insta-stories (today's cake-fail is pretty funny/embarrassing) to see it all live: https://www.instagram.com/em_luxton/

#SpainCitiesMurcia #WeLoveMurcia

With Turismo de Murcia and Spain.info 🇪🇸 #spon

Photos du journal

I'm currently on board a train bound for Murcia for the #SpainCities project with Spain.info.

Ten travel bloggers are heading to ten cities across Spain, so make sure you follow along to see what we all get up to!

Find the other bloggers here: Wanderlust Chloe, along dusty roads, The Wandering Quinn, The Common Wanderer - Travel Blog, The Travel Tester, Polkadot Passport, The Travelista, backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk, and Girl vs Globe.

Photos de la publication de Emily Luxton Travels

My Catalunya adventure is almost over and its been an absolute blast! I had no idea that there could be so much to learn about olive oil. In the past few days I've tried at least ten different varieties and visited a bunch of olive farms with Olea Soul, turisme gastronòmic autèntic. - and I now feel like a total expert (more or less!)

Here's me exploring Serraferran oli d'oliva verge extra DOP Empordà, Oli Migjorn, and Les Oliveres Mil Lenaries. So many pretty farms and tasty oils (plus some pretty amazing wines too)!

With Destination Makers and Catalunya Experience. Dress by Quiz Clothing (http://shopstyle.it/l/bgi1)

#BloggerxCatalunya #ad

Photos du journal

Seriously epic lunch at Museu i Centre de la Cultura de l'Oli de Catalunya - with each course paired with a different local olive oil. So, so delicious. Especially that crema catalana (my favourite) with saffron 😍

Huge thanks to the incredible chef Montse from EL CASTELL RESTAURANT- SPAI WOODSTOCK for whipping up one hell of a feast. Also to the lovely folks at the museum for a great tour and tasting. Just when I thought there was nothing more I could learn about olive oil!! And now... Nap time!

Exploring Catalunya with Destination Makers and Olea Soul, turisme gastronòmic autèntic.

#BloggerxCatalunya #wellolive #ad